Friday, September 09, 2005

So I missed a day.....

I had my reasons. I'm very worried about the recent google update. Or non update. It's a worry because I had hoped to launch at least one of my new sites before the update came to town. As it turns out I might have a couple of weeks. I might not. If not then I have one update between now and Christmas to get them in ship shape.

Talking of which I have had major problems with the xbox site. The buttons just didn't work. They were too big and it's meant that I have to resign the whole site. It's a nightmare really.

Other than that I have had huge success with SEF 404 for mambo. It really is a clever piece of software and is going to help loads with Search engine optimization.

This weekend I have the place to myself more or less. Hopefully that will mean a productive weekend. Maybe I'll make a few posts here.

If not have a good weekend all.


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